Steeples Road

steeples road, Duleek

Planning Drawings


6204 - Drawing issue sheet_SHD Planning Application
6204 - Housing Quality Assessment_SHD Planning Application
6204 - Overall Schedule of Areas_SHD Planning Application
6204_SHD Planning Application_Architectural Design Rationale_[HQ]
6204_SHD Planning Application_Architectural Design Rationale_[LQ]
6204-P-001 Site Location Map - OS Map
6204-P-002 Existing Site Layout Plan
6204-P-003 Proposed Site Layout Plan
6204-P-004 Proposed Site Layout Plan - Construction Phases
6204-P-005 Taken in Charge Drawing
6204-P-006 Ownership Site Layout Plan
6204-P-007 Proposed Site Block Plan Sheet 1 of 3
6204-P-008 Proposed Site Block Plan Sheet 2 of 3
6204-P-009 Proposed Site Block Plan Sheet 3 of 3
6204-P-010 Proposed Site Elevations Sheet 1 of 2
6204-P-011 Proposed Site Elevations Sheet 2 of 2
6204-P-012 Proposed Site Sections
6204-P-013 Proposed Part V Drawing
6204-P-100 House Type A1,A2 - Plans
6204-P-101 House Type A1,A2 - Roof Plan, Elevation, Section
6204-P-102 House Type A1,A2 - Elevations
6204-P-103 House Type A1,A2,A3 - Plans, Section
6204-P-104 House Type A1,A2&A3 - Elevations
6204-P-105 HouseType B1,B2 - Plans, Section
6204-P-106 HouseType B1,B2 - Elevations
6204-P-107 HouseType C1 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-108 HouseType C2 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-109 HouseType C3 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-110 HouseType D1 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-111 HouseType D2 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-112 HouseType E1,E2 - Plans, Section
6204-P-113 HouseType E1,E2 - Elevations
6204-P-114 HouseType E1,E3 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-115 House Type F1 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-116 House Type F2 - Plans, Section, Elevations
6204-P-200 Duplex Units-Block 01- Floor Plans
6204-P-201 Duplex Units-Block 01- Floor Plans & Section
6204-P-202 Duplex Units-Block 01- Elevations
6204-P-203 Duplex Units-Block 02- Floor Plans
6204-P-204 Duplex Units-Block 02- Floor Plans, Section & Elevation
6204-P-205 Duplex Units-Block 02- Elevations
6204-P-206 Duplex Units-Block 03- Floor Plans
6204-P-207 Duplex Units-Block 03- Floor Plans & Section
6204-P-208 Duplex Units-Block 03- Elevations
6204-P-209 Duplex Units-Block 04- Floor Plans
6204-P-210 Duplex Units-Block 04- Floor Plans & Section
6204-P-211 Duplex Units-Block 04- Elevations
6204-P-212 Duplex Units-Block 05- Floor Plans
6204-P-213 Duplex Units-Block 05- Floor Plans, Section & Elevation
6204-P-214 Duplex Units-Block 05- Elevations
6204-P-300 Crèche - Floor Plans
6204-P-301 Crèche - Roof Plan & Section
6204-P-302 Crèche - Elevations
6204-P-400 Bicycle Store Type 1 Details
6204-P-401 Bicycle Store Type 2 Details Sheet 1 of 2
6204-P-402 Bicycle Store Type 2 Details Sheet 2 of 2
6204-P-403 Bicycle Store Type 3 to Creche Details
6204-P-404 Bin Store Type 1 &2 - Details
6204-P-405 Bin Store Type 3 &4 - Details
6204-P-406 Bin Store Type 5- Details
6204-P-407 Bin Store Type 6- Details
6204-P-500 Future Pedestrian Access Ramps No. 1 & 2 - Details
6204-P-501 Future Pedestrian Access Ramp No. 3 - Details
6204-P-600 Substation Kiosk 1 and 2 - Details